PHNG is one of the top corporate / social

wedding bands in the world today. 

Members of PHNG have  performed with

an impressive list of headliners including:


J. Balvin, Justin Bieber, Neo, Roy Orbison, 

Cliff  Williams of ACDC, Darius Rucker and  

Michael McDonald to name a few. No band

in the country has the variety of music this band has. PNG is constantly evolving and morphing

as music styles change while staying

true to the songs  

that have stood the test of time.

What is very unique about this band is they do not have a set song list that  locks you in to a style of

music that may or may

not grab the audience. 

leader Alan james is an internationally 

recognized musician/producer who has


performed and worked with some of the top

names in the music business.

Alan knows how to motivate and rock a crowd. 

He continually calls tunes in a non-stop musical mashup

that keeps the crowd on the dance floor till  

the end of the party. It is very high energy from start to finish

with phenomenal showmanship from five

lead singers, The vocal ability is out of this UNIVERSE.

Powerhouse Next Generation stands out from the rest. 

Four Presidents, multiple sports, films & TV celebrities have hired this band,