The following videos are 100% live. One is a more formal wedding/gala look and the others

are corporate, concert, festival videos.  Pure talent with AMAZING

vocals and musicianship from this International band!  Members are from, England, Philippines,

France, Puerto Rico, Cuba and U.S.A. Band owner / producer Alan James has worked for

and with some of the biggest names in the business. Artists  like Roy Orbsion, Eric Clapton, Neo, Dr.

Dre, Flo-Rider, Michael McDonald, Moody Blues, Kenny Logins and Sara McLachlan to name a few.

Alan has performed on the Tonight Show, Austin City Limits, Jay Leno, Farm Aid and the Rock n' Roll

Hall of Fame Awards. He brings this wealth of knowledge in music to Powerhouse as the executive

producer. This is the reason this band stands out from the competition by miles!! 

The PHNG song list is too diverse to be represented in these videos. Please request an updated

song list to see the huge variety of songs the band performs in an action packed evening of non stop