Powerhouse Next Generation has been the top rated bands in


the U.S.A for many years. Weddings, corporate, & festivals.


No band has performed for as many celebrities, dignitaries,


film, TV, sports & political celebrities. Richard Pruess,


executive producer of the Oscars, Director of the Grammys,


the American Music Awards, the Golden Globes & the Emmys,


personally selected Powerhouse for his sons wedding in


Hollywood. Jerome Powell, chairman of the federal


reserve chose Powerhouse for his sons wedding. The


Prince of Monaco chose Powerhouse for his nieces wedding.


International golfer, Lee Westwood, Nick Swisher of the


NY Yankees, Udonis Haslem, Miami Heat, President George W. Bush,


President George H.W. Bush, President Donald J. Trump & Kathleen


Sebelius, President Obama's HHS Secretary all have hired


Powerhouse. Headliners that have shared the stage with PHNG


include: Darius Rucker, Michael McDonald, Neo, Glen Frey of the


Eagles, Kenny Loggins & Alex Lifeson of Rush.